nbproject.publish(*, version=None, i_confirm_i_saved=False, **kwargs)

Publish the notebook.

Runs these checks: 1. Checks consecutiveness, i.e., whether notebook cells were executed consecutively. 2. Checks that the notebook has a title. 3. Checks that the notebook is published from its last cell.

Writes these data: 1. Sets version. 2. Stores currently imported python packages with their versions.

Returns None upon success and an error code otherwise.

  • version (str | None, default: None) – If None, leaves the version at its current value. Otherwise sets the version to the passed version. Consider semantic versioning.

  • i_confirm_i_saved (bool, default: False) – Only relevant outside Jupyter Lab as a safeguard against losing the editor buffer content because of accidentally publishing.

  • kwargs – Additional arguments for publishing.

Return type:

None | str